Matt Ammerman

Matt brings over a decade of customer implementation and support experience to his role as Apprenda’s VP of Client Services. Apprenda’s client services team drives education, implementation, and customization of Apprenda for customers around the world through the world’s first private cloud adoption program: Apprenda CloudRISE. He’s a regular speaker at various conferences and Code Camps around the U.S and teaches INF496 Cloud Computing at SUNY Albany. Matt was awarded the Business Review’s 40 Under 40 in 2010.

Aaron Bedra

Aaron is the creator of Repsheet, an open source threat intelligence framework. He is the co-author of Programming Clojure, 2nd Edition and a frequent open source contributor.

Peter Bell


Peter is the founder and CEO of Scalable, personal training for enterprise software development teams. He is an experienced entrepreneur, technologist, agile coach and CTO specializing in EdTech projects. He wrote “Introducing GitHub” for O’Reilly, created the “Mastering GitHub” course for code school and “Git and GitHub LiveLessons” for Pearson.

He has presented regularly at national and international conferences on ruby, nodejs, NoSQL (especially MongoDB and neo4j), cloud computing, software craftsmanship, java, groovy, javascript, and requirements and estimating. He has been on the program committee for QCon in New York, Code Generation in Cambridge, England and the Domain Specific Modeling workshop at SPLASH (was ooPSLA) and reviewed and shepherded proposals for the BCS SPA conference.

Mariana Bravo

Mariana Bravo studies and uses Agile since 2006, having interest in themes such as: TDD, refactoring, software craftsmanship, and Lean Software Development. She was a co-founder and organizer of the Coding Dojo @ SP, as well as an organizer for Agile Brazil and Encontro Ágil. Since 2011 she is a developer and a consultant at ThoughtWorks, helping teams to deliver high quality software using Agile.

Mariana Bravo is co-presenting with Danilo Sato.

Edward Burns


Ed has worked on a wide variety of client and server side web technologies since 1994, including NCSA Mosaic, Netscape 6, Mozilla, the Sun Java Plugin, Jakarta Tomcat and JavaServer Faces, and most recently, the Servlet specification. Ed has published four books with McGraw-Hill, JavaServerFaces: The Complete Reference (2006), Secrets of the Rockstar Programmers: Riding the IT crest (2008) JavaServer Faces 2.0: The Complete Reference (2010) and Hudson Continuous Integration In Practice (2013).

Mike Cantelon

Mike Cantelon is a Vancouver, Canada, based web developer who works on open source archival systems for Artefactual Systems. Mike is co-author of Manning Publications’ “Node.js in Action”.

Jason Chambers

Jason is a software guy living in Atlanta, GA. He’s been slinging code since the age of 12 and would dearly love to be slinging code until he finally pops his clogs. He’s worked at startups, airlines, telcos and software companies big and small. He’s currently Director of Engineering at Lancope - a fast growing network security company that helps enterprises protect what is important from advanced cyber threats.

Stephen Chin


Stephen Chin is the Lead Java Community Manager at Oracle, author of Raspberry Pi with Java, co-author of Pro JavaFX Platform, and JavaOne Content Co-Chair. He has keynoted numerous Java conferences around the world including JavaOne, where he is a 4 time Rock Star Award recipient. Stephen is an avid motorcyclist who has done several Pan-European evangelism tours, interviewing hackers in their natural habitat and posting the videos on When he is not traveling, he enjoys teaching kids how to do embedded and robot programming together with his 12 year old daughter.

James Chittenden

James Chittenden is a solutions engineer on the Google Cloud Platform team. James comes from a strong development background, focusing on a broad set of areas including open source, Microsoft stack as well as wide variety of UX capabilities. He has over 15 years of deep IT enterprise experience, including a strong focus on Business Intelligence, UX as well as an evangelist promoting developer technologies.

Jack Coleman

Jack Coleman is an Architect for LexisNexis Risk Solutions where he is involved in a variety of projects across the company’s insurance businesses. He has been building and integrating server side systems since Java 1.0 and holds several certifications including the Oracle Certified Enterprise Architect. Though biased to Java, Jack enjoys working with a variety of languages including ECL, Python, C#, C++, Go, and Lisp.

Grant Davies

As the president and CEO of Bluetube, I lead a group of digital experience pioneers who seamlessly blend the technical and creative to meet our client’s needs. I help my clients navigate, leverage and bend the digital space to meet their needs so they can better communicate their message and reach their customers. And I love doing it.

I have a solid background in the IT Space, where I spent two decades working as a developer and an architect for fortune 500’s before moving into a leadership role an founding Bluetube.

I’m fueled by an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to create and innovate, which is why I started Bluetube in 1999. I’m lucky to be surrounded by like-minded designers, developers, programmers and strategists. Whether it’s via mobile, tablet, desktop or social media outlets, working with, Kimberly Clark, or the new startup– we work together to craft digital solutions and strategies for our clients.

I’ve lived in Atlanta since 1996 and became a U.S. citizen in 2010, but I’m originally from Manchester, England.

Ovidiu Dimulescu

Ovidiu is a Cloud Engineer at Oracle. A full stack developer, comfortable at any level in an application stack he enjoys fun challenges and solid engineering. He is the founder and organizer of Jacksonville Mobile User Group. Ovidiu enjoys sharing the knowledge and learning in the process by speaking at various developers events.

His current interest is in cloud computing, analytics and systems thinking. You can find him on Twitter @odimulescu for the occasional posts.

Tom Elrod

Entrepreneur and technologist with expertise is in project rescue, enterprise software, systems integration, infrastructure, and Open Source Software.

Yakov Fain

Yakov Fain is Java Champion and a co-founder of IT consultancy Farata Systems, USA. He authored many articles and several books about software development. He’s a co-author of the book “Angular 2 Development with TypeScript”, Manning, 2016. Yakov’s e-book “Java Programming for Kids” is available for free download at His Twitter tag is @yfain.

Stephen Feather

Stephen Feather founded Feather Direct in 2009, recognizing a need for quality mobile app development, reputation management, and SEO services for smaller organizations. He worked directly with communications companies such as Netscape, Microsoft, and Oracle in the early days of the Internet. In 1996 he authored JavaScript by Example, one of the first publications on the then-new scripting language. He volunteers time to assist and train a new generation of app developers through online forums and local user groups.

Neal Ford

Neal has a degree in Computer Science from Georgia State University specializing in languages and compilers and a minor in mathematics specializing in statistical analysis.
He is also the designer and developer of applications, instructional
materials, magazine articles, and video presentations. He is also the
author of 6 books, including the most recent Presentation
and Functional Thinking. Given
his degree, Neal is a bit of a language geek, with affections including but not limited to
Ruby, Clojure, Java, Groovy, JavaScript, Scala and C#/.NET. His primary consulting
focus is the design and construction of large-scale enterprise
applications. Neal is an internationally acclaimed speaker, having
spoken at over 300 developer conferences worldwide, delivering more
than 2000 presentations. If you have an insatiable curiosity about Neal, visit
his web site at He welcomes feedback and can be reached at

Brian Fox

Brian is VP of Product Management at Sonatype, with extensive open source experience as a member of the Apache Software Foundation for the past 7 years and former Chair of the Apache Maven project. Brian has provided significant development contributions to the Maven ecosystem, including the maven-dependency-plugin and maven-enforcer-plugin. He has over 15 years of experience driving the vision behind, as well as developing and leading the development of software for organizations ranging from startups to large enterprises. Brian holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Daniel Webster College.

Cory Foy

Cory has a long history with agile methods, implementing XP, Lean and Agile practices at a wide variety of companies, from startups to regulated industries. In addition, he served as the Global Community Liaison for the Scrum Alliance. He currently runs a software and consulting company, providing coaching, training and consulting for companies around the globe. He also serves as CTO of Pretty Kool Apps, a startup focused on educational technology for therapists and teachers working with children. Cory can be found on Twitter at @cory_foy, and on his blog at

Raju Gandhi

Raju Gandhi is a Java/Ruby/Clojure developer and a programming language geek. He has been writing software for the better part of a decade in several industries including education, finance, construction and the manufacturing sector. Raju has a graduate degree in Industrial Engineering from Ohio University. In his spare time you will find Raju reading, or watching movies, or playing with yet another programming language. He is affectionately known as looselytyped on Twitter.

Les Hazlewood

Les Hazlewood is Stormpath co-founder and CTO and the Apache Shiro PMC Chair.

Prior to forming Stormpath, Les held senior architectural positions at Bloomberg and Delta Airlines and he was former CTO of a software engineering firm supporting educational and government agencies. Les has been actively involved in Open Source for more than 10 years, committing or contributing to projects like the Spring Framework, JBoss, and Apache Shiro. Les has a BS in Computer Science from Georgia Tech, and practices Kendo and studies Japanese when he’s not coding.


JavaOne (awarded “Rock Star” presenter)
GlueCon 2013
JAXConf 2013
ApacheCon NA
DeveloperWeek 2013
Silicon Valley Grails User Group


JavaOne (awarded “Rock Star” presenter)
Rich Web Experience
Silicon Valley Web User Group @ Google
East Bay Java User Group
Silicon Valley Linux User Group


OSCON 2011
DevNexus 2011
San Francisco Java User Group, etc.

Recent Speaking Videos:

API Strategies for Developers @ DeveloperWeek 2013
Beautiful REST + JSON API Design @ Google, Silicon Valley Web User Group, August 2012
Securing Passwords Properly @ Rackspace, Linux User Group, September 2012

Verlin Henderson

Verlin Henderson is the Chief Architect at inBloom, Inc., a 501c3 non-profit dedicated to improving K-12 education by enabling personalized learning with technology. He has been developing software professionally for over 15 years on both open-source and commercial software stacks, most recently focusing on Java. He has an irrational love for both Perl and ACC basketball.

Arthur Hicken

Arthur Hicken, Evangelist-

Arthur has been involved in automating various practices at Parasoft for 20 years. He has worked on projects including database development, the software development lifecycle, web publishing and monitoring, and integration with legacy systems. Arthur has worked with IT departments in companies such as Cisco, Vanguard, and Motorola to help improve their software development practices. He has taught at the College of DuPage in Illinois as well as developing and conducting numerous technical training courses at Parasoft. As an expert in his field, Arthur has been quoted in Business 2.0, Internet Week, and CNET regarding Web site quality issues

Ariya Hidayat

Ariya Hidayat (@ariyahidayat) is an engineer/technical lead/FOSS fan/blogger/speaker. These days, his activities are mostly on software craftsmanship around HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, and other web technologies.

Toby Ho

Toby is a Javascript developer in Atlanta. He blogs at and is passionate about helping others learn. He is active in the open source community where his proudest work is Test’em - a Javascript test runner.

Burk Hufnagel

Burk is a long-time programmer and software architect, with experience in multiple languages. He has presented technical topics at AJUG meetings, JavaOne, DevNexus, and the Atlanta IT Architect Regional Conference for several years. In 2010, he was voted a JavaOne Rock Star for his talk on User Experience Anti-Patterns titled “No More Loser Experiences”. Burk wrote two articles for the O’Reilly book “97 Things Every Software Architect Should Know”, and another two for “97 Things Every Programmer Should Know”. He has also contributed to books like the “SCJP for Java 6 Study Guide”, and “Head First Software Development”, as a technical reviewer.

Jevgeni Kabanov

Dr Jevgeni Kabanov is the founder and CEO of ZeroTurnaround, a development tools company that focuses on productivity. He wrote the first version of the ZeroTurnaround flagship product, JRebel, a class-reloading JVM plugin. Jevgeni has been speaking at international conferences since 2005, including Devoxx, JavaZone, JAOO, QCon, TSSJS, JFokus and JavaOne, where he was named Rock Star in 2011 and 2012. Jevgeni also started the first Java conference in Estonia, Geekout. He has done research in programming languages, types and virtual machines, publishing several papers on topics ranging from category theoretical notions to typesafe Java DSLs.

Joonas Lehtinen


Dr. Joonas Lehtinen is the founder of Vaadin project, a Java-based framework for building awesome web UI easily in Java. He is the founder and CEO of the company behind the Vaadin framework and leads a team of 80 engineers who are mostly working in European timezones. While not in a hangout to 10 time zones away from Vaadin’s Silicon Valley offices, Joonas keeps failing in getting rid of his Finnish accent.

Brett Meyer

Brett Meyer is a Senior Software Engineer at Red Hat and a core developer of Hibernate ORM. He currently focuses on Hibernate ORM 5.0, Hibernate OSGi, developer community engagement, and working closely with Red Hat customers and support engineers. In addition to ORM, he is passionate about SOA/OSGi, contributing to Apache Camel and other projects. He also architects and develops the software/web platforms driving dozens of non-profit organizations throughout the US.

Michael Minella


Michael Minella is a software engineer, teacher and author with over a decade of enterprise development experience. Michael was a member of the expert group for JSR-352 (java batch processing). He currently works for Pivotal as the project lead for the Spring Batch project as well as an instructor at DePaul University. Michael is the author of Pro Spring Batch from Apress and the popular Refcard JUnit and EasyMock. Outside of the daily grind, Michael enjoys spending time with his family and enjoys woodworking, photography and InfoSec hobbies.

Joe Moore

Joe began writing software in the late ’90s at a large insurance company. He soon moved to Evant, a start-up which became an early case study for eXtreme Programming and Agile software development processes. After spending several years as a consultant, Joe joined Pivotal Labs in 2005 as a founding members of Pivotal’s Ruby on Rails practice. Joe has led projects for a wide variety of clients, from one-person start-ups to the world’s largest social networks and search companies. Since moving to Atlanta in 2010 Joe has pair programmed remotely full time with Pivotal Labs coworkers and clients around the country. He also blogs about his his passion, remote pair programming, at

Laura Moore

Laura Moore is currently with Daugherty Business Systems in Atlanta, GA and has been building online web application tools for customers in transportation and telecommunications for over 12 years.

John Napier

John is a technical lead and serial conversationalist at ThoughtWorks who spends entirely too much time engulfed in problem domains he knows nothing about and has no earthly business trying to learn. He can occasionally be found at your local coffee shop writing algorithms and trying to think deep thoughts.

Ted Neward

Ted Neward is the CTO of iTrellis, a polyglot consultancy, and is an industry professional of twenty years’ experience. He speaks at conferences all over the world and writes regularly for a variety of publications across the Java, .NET, and other ecosystems. He currently resides in the Pacific Northwest with his wife, two sons, dog, four cats, eight laptops, seven tablets, nine phones, and a rather large utility bill.

Pratik Patel


Pratik Patel is the CTO of Atlanta based TripLingo ( He wrote the first book on ‘enterprise Java’ in 1996, “Java Database Programming with JDBC.” He has also spoken at various conferences and participates in several local tech groups and startup groups. He’s in the startup world now and hacks iOS, Android, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Rails, and ….. well everything except Perl.
Pratik’s specialty is in large-scale applications for mission-critical and mobile applications use. He has designed and built applications in the retail, health care, financial services, and telecoms sectors. Pratik holds a master’s in Biomedical Engineering from UNC, has worked in places such as New York, London, and Hong Kong, and currently lives in Atlanta, GA.

Sven Peters

Sven is a software geek working as an Evangelist for Atlassian. He started with Java development in 1998 and has been programming for longer that he’d like to admit. Besides coding his passion is getting the right tools into the hands of those who need it to help build fast moving, agile, autonomous teams and getting them to kick-ass. Sven has extensive speaking experience in 25+ countries on myriad topics.

Glen Peterson

Glen has been programming for over 3 decades, over 2 of those professionally. He is currently the CTO and lead developer at PlanBase Inc. ( Previously he designed and built web applications for Fidelity Investments and wrote video drivers for ATI.

Summers Pittman

Summers Pittman is a Senior Software Engineer at Red Hat, Devnexus organizer, AJUG Web Chair, and all around nerd; holds a Masters degree in Human Computer Interaction from GaTech; lives in Atlanta and has for the last 10 years; and knows how to use a semicolon for nested lists in English composition.

At Red Hat he is a contributor to the AeroGear project and can often be found on #aerogear on freenode. He also maintains a blog at as well as various social media presences on all of the requisite sites.

Mark Pollack

Mark Pollack has been a core Spring (Java) developer since 2003, founded its Microsoft counterpart, Spring.NET, in 2004 and led the Spring Data from project 2011 to 2014. He now co-leads the Spring XD project that aims to simplify Big Data application development involving event streams, ETL, and Hadoop. Mark is co-author of the Spring Data book by O’Reilly Media.

Steven Pousty


Steve is a Dad, Son, Partner, and PaaS Dust Spreader (aka developer evangelist) with OpenShift. He goes around and shows off all the great work the OpenShift engineers do. He can teach you about PaaS with Java, Python, PostgreSQL MongoDB, and some JavaScript. He has deep subject area expertise in GIS/Spatial, Statistics, and Ecology. He has spoken at over 75 conferences and done over 50 workshops including Monktoberfest, MongoNY, JavaOne, FOSS4G, CiscoLive, Fluent, DevNation, Where2.0, and OSCON. Before OpenShift, Steve was a developer evangelist for LinkedIn, deCarta, and ESRI. Steve has a Ph.D. in Ecology from University of Connecticut. He likes building interesting applications and helping developers create great solutions.

Glenn Renfro


As a Pivotal engineer, Glenn is a core committer for Spring Cloud Task, Spring Batch and Spring XD. He has 13 years experience in designing, building and delivering enterprise level applications in Java and 20 years total of software development experience.

Chris Richardson


Chris Richardson is a developer and architect. He is a Java Champion, a JavaOne rock star and the author of POJOs in Action, which describes how to build enterprise Java applications with POJOs and frameworks such as Spring and Hibernate. Chris is also the founder of the original, an early Java PaaS for Amazon EC2. He consults with organizations to improve how they develop and deploy applications.

Jared Richardson

Principal consultant and a member of the core team at Agile Artisans (, Jared Richardson is a process coach who works with software teams to help them build excellent software. He sold his first software program in 1991 and has been immersed in software ever since. He helped create the GROWS methodology and has authored a number of books, including the best selling Ship It! A Practical Guide to Successful Software Projects and Career 2.0: Take Control of Your Life. He is a frequent speaker at software conferences and a thought leader in the agile space. Jared lives with his wife and children in North Carolina where they, quite by accident, became backyard chicken farmers.

Brian Rinaldi

Brian Rinaldi is the Developer Content Manager at Telerik focused on ensuring that the Developer Relations team creates top notch content for the web development community on the Telerik Developer Network..

Brian founded a popular developer site called Flippin’ Awesome (now Modern Web) and serves as co-editor ofMobile Web Weekly. You can follow Brian via @remotesynth on Twitter.

Chris Risner

Chris Risner is a Technical Evangelist at Microsoft. There he leads a team focused on evangelizing Microsoft’s many open source capabilities including how Microsoft Azure can be used to help build powerful mobile applications. For the past several years he has focused on mobile development on the Android and iOS platforms. Before working in mobile development, Chris worked on many large scale enterprise applications in Java and .NET. Chis is a constant learner and has a vast amount of experience in iOS, Android, Smart Clients, Asp.Net MVC, C#, Java, and Objective C. You can find out more about Chris at and

Bryan Robinson

Bryan is Director of Usability and Interactive at RocketFuel, a marketing and interactive agency in Memphis, TN, where he oversees UX services, digital strategy and front-end development.

With almost a decade working on the Web, Bryan has been focused on user experience for the past four years both at RocketFuel as well as E.W. Scripps where he also managed the front-end code base for 13 newspaper websites, including Django templates, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

In his spare time, he co-organizes the Memphis Web Workers user group and is on the board of HACKmemphis, an organization dedicated to creating developer/maker events in the Memphis area.

Ann Robson

Ann Robson is a JavaScript engineer at Yammer interested in web performance and web development best practices.

Roy Russo

Roy Russo is the Vice President of Engineering at Predikto Analytics. Before joining Predikto, Roy was the Chief Architect at AltiSource Labs, a FinTech startup based in Atlanta, GA. Roy was the Co-Founder and VP of Product Management for Atlanta-based Marketing Automation vendor, LoopFuse; recently acquired by Atlanta-based SalesFusion, Inc. Roy also helped Co-Found JBoss Portal, a JSR-168 compliant enterprise Java Portal, and represented JBoss on the Java Content Repository, JSR-170. He is currently the founder of the leading open-source monitoring and management application for ElasticSearch clusters, and co-author of Elasticsearch in Action.

Baruch Sadogursky


JavaOne Rockstar Baruch Sadogursky (a.k.a JBaruch) is the Developer Advocate of JFrog, the creators of Artifactory Binary Repository, the home of Bintray, JavaOne 2011 and 2013 Duke Choice Awards winner.

For a living he hangs out with the JFrog tech leaders, writes some code around Artifactory and Bintray, and then speaks and blogs about all that. He does it repeatedly for the last dozen of years and enjoys every moment of it.

Baruch is @jbaruch on twitter and mostly blogs on and
His speaker history on Lanyrd:

Danilo Sato

Danilo Sato is a software developer for more than 11 years, and has been working as a Lead Consultant at ThoughtWorks for 5 years in various roles, such as developer, architect, tech lead, coach, trainer, and devops. He is the author of the book “Devops na Prática” and is an experienced speaker having presented talks and workshops in conferences such as QConSP 2011-2013, RubyConfBr 2012-2013, AgileBrazil 2010-2012, Agile 2008-2009, and XP 2009-2010. He is also an organizer for AgileBrazil and founder of the Coding Dojo @ SP.

Danilo Sato is co-presenting with Mariana Bravo.

Justin Sheets

Developer at Thurst Interactive helping architect games and applications and focusing on client side development.

Grant Shipley

Grant Shipley is an OpenShift PaaS Evangelist at Red Hat focused on cloud technologies. Prior to that, Grant was a Manager of Software Development with responsibilities over the website and supporting infrastructure. Grant has over 15 years of software development experience focusing on Java and PHP. In his free time, he contributes to several open source projects as well as developing mobile applications. Grant has been using Linux on a daily basis since 1994 and is active in the FOSS community.

Stuart Sierra

Stuart Sierra is a programmer, actor, musician, and writer. He lives in New York City and works for Cognitect. He is the co-author, with Luke VanderHart, of ClojureScript: Up and Running (O’Reilly) and Practical Clojure (Apress).

Kyle Simpson

Kyle Simpson is an Open Web Evangelist from Austin, TX. He’s passionate about JavaScript, HTML5, real-time/peer-to-peer communications, and web performance. Otherwise, he’s probably bored by it. Kyle is an author, workshop trainer, tech speaker, and avid OSS community member.

Jack Singleton

Jack is a software developer at ThoughtWorks, currently working with a startup out of San Francisco. He started working with Scala almost two years ago right here in Atlanta, and hasn’t stopped since. Recently, he’s also found himself hosting Clojure Dojos in SF.

Ken Sipe

Ken is an international speaker on the subject of software engineering speaking at conferences such as JavaOne, JavaZone, Jax-India, and The Strange Loop. He is a regular speaker with NFJS where he is best known for his architecture and security hacking talks. In 2009, Ken was honored by being awarded the JavaOne Rockstar Award at JavaOne in SF, California and the JavaZone Rockstar Award at JavaZone in Oslo, Norway as the top ranked speaker.

Robbie Strickland

I work for The Weather Channel’s digital division as part of the team that builds backend services for and the TWC mobile apps. I have been involved in the Cassandra project since 2010 and have contributed in a variety of ways over the years; this includes work on drivers for Scala and C#, the Hadoop integration, heading up the Atlanta Cassandra Users Group, and answering lots of Stack Overflow questions.

Venkat Subramaniam

Dr. Venkat Subramaniam is an award-winning author, founder of Agile Developer, Inc., and an instructional professor at the University of Houston.

He has trained and mentored thousands of software developers in the US, Canada, Europe, and Asia, and is a regularly-invited speaker at several international conferences. Venkat helps his clients effectively apply and succeed with agile practices on their software projects.

Venkat is a (co)author of multiple books, including the 2007 Jolt Productivity award winning book Practices of an Agile Developer. His latest book is Functional Programming in Java: Harnessing the Power of Java 8 Lambda Expressions. You can reach him by email at or on twitter at @venkat_s.

Josh Suereth

Josh Suereth is a Senior Software Engineer at Typesafe and the author of “Scala In Depth”. He has been a Scala enthusiast ever since he came to know this beautiful language in 2007. He started his professional career as a software developer in 2004 using programming languages like C++, Perl and Java. In 2009 he began writing the book “Scala In Depth” which provides practical support for using Scala in every day applications. Josh regularly shares his expertise in articles and talks.

Burr Sutter

Burr Sutter is responsible for Red Hat’s developer experience. Burr is currently an Oracle Java Champion, and was previously president of the Atlanta Java Users Group and founder of the DevNexus conference. Burr has spoken at numerous developer events from Brazil to Beijing and has traveled throughout the US and Europe presenting to developers on numerous topics.

Stephen Thomas

Stephen specializes in front-end development at Georgia Tech’s Department of Education Technology where he is helping to build the Open Academic Environment. He is the author of several books on the Internet and networking technology and has written about web development for Smashing Magazine, Site Point and others. His most recent book is Data Visualization with JavaScript from No Starch Press.

Andrew Trice

Andrew Trice is a MobileFirst Developer Advocate with IBM. Andrew is an experienced software architect, team leader, accomplished speaker, and published author who possesses more than a decade of designing and implementing rich applications for the web, desktop, and mobile devices. Andrew has delivered customer solutions in realtime data systems, GIS, immersive experiences, rich media, and data visualization.

Jamie Turner

Jamie Turner is the author of “How to Make Money with Social Media” and “Go Mobile” an Amazon #1 best selling mobile marketing book. He is also the CEO of 60 Second Communications, a full-service marketing agency and the founder of, an online magazine that provides tips and techniques for marketers around the globe.

Jamie is a regular guest on CNN and HLN on the topics of social media, mobile marketing and branding. He has worked with brands such as AT&T, CNN, Motorola, Cartoon Network and The Coca-Cola Company. 

In addition to the 60 Second Marketer blog, Jamie writes for Mashable, HubSpot and Social Media Examiner.

He has been profiled in the world’s best-selling marketing textbook and is an internationally-recognized keynote speaker at trade shows, events and corporations around the globe. He is known for his ability to provide relevant marketing insights in a light-hearted style that keeps audiences engaged and entertained.

You can follow Jamie on Twitter @AskJamieTurner and via his blog at

TJ VanToll

TJ VanToll is a senior developer advocate for Telerik, a jQuery team member, and the author of jQuery UI in Action. He has over a decade of web development experience—specializing in performance and the mobile web. TJ speaks about his research and experiences at conferences around the world, and has written for publications such as Smashing Magazine, HTML5 Rocks, and MSDN Magazine. TJ is @tjvantoll on Twitter and tjvantoll on GitHub.

Craig Walls

Craig Walls is a senior engineer with Pivotal as the Spring Social project lead and is the author of Spring in Action and Spring Boot in Action. He’s a zealous promoter of the Spring Framework, speaking frequently at local user groups and conferences and writing about Spring. When he’s not slinging code, Craig spends as much time as he can with his wife, two daughters, 2 birds and 2 dogs.

Jim Weaver

James Weaver is a Java developer, author, and speaker with a passion for helping Java to be increasingly leveraged in rich-client applications and the Internet of Things (IoT). James has written books including Inside Java, Beginning J2EE, and the Pro JavaFX series. As an Oracle Java Technology Ambassador, James speaks internationally at software technology conferences about Java, JavaFX, and IoT. James tweets as @JavaFXpert, blogs at and may be reached at james.weaver AT

Kevin Whinnery

Kevin Whinnery is a code plumber and developer evangelist for Twilio, an API company that makes it easy for developers to build apps that make and receive phone calls, send and receive text or picture messages, and connect web or mobile app users via VoIP calls.

Kevin can usually be found hacking JavaScript or mobile apps. At Twilio, Kevin is the author and maintainer of the company’s official node.js client library in addition to other developer-facing software projects. Prior to joining Twilio, Kevin spent four years with the team at Appcelerator, as they created the popular Titanium Mobile framework for cross-platform native apps.

Kevin lives in Saint Paul, MN with his beautiful wife and three devious children.

Dustin Whittle


Dustin Whittle is a Developer Evangelist at AppDynamics where he focuses on helping organizations manage application performance. Before joining AppDynamics, Dustin was CTO at Kwarter, a consultant at SensioLabs, and developer evangelist at Yahoo!. He has experience building and leading engineering teams and working with developers and partners to drive platform adoption. When Dustin isn’t working he enjoys flying, sailing, diving, golfing, and traveling around the world. Find out more at or follow him @dustinwhittle.

Stephen Wilson

Stephen Wilson is a 15 year IT professional that currently is the Directory of Product Specialist. His background includes both development and operations. With a focus on DevOps, he works to educate, promote, and evangelize companies to look at performance as the platform to transform IT. His work includes not only helping deliver better application performance but also helping culture change within IT organizations. This kind of insight into the challenges that both developers face as well as those faced by the operational team allows him to be seen as a trusted advisor.

Rob Winch

Rob Winch is the project lead of the Spring Security, Spring Session, and Spring LDAP projects. He is also a committer on the core Spring Framework, co-author of the Spring Security 3.1 book, and enjoys presenting about anything technical. In the past he has worked in the health care industry, bioinformatics research, high performance computing, and as a web consultant. When he is not sitting in front of a computer he enjoys playing the guitar.

Yulin Zhao

Yulin Zhao is an application architect and manager at Daugherty Business Solutions. He has been helping his clients estimate, build and deliver customized solutions for over 14 years (primarily Java-based). He has worked in financial and insurance industry, government agencies, product companies and large hotel chains. Yulin’s passion is to use technology to help clients solve their business problems.

Gail Zhou

Dr. Gail Zhou is a seasoned software architect and IT leader. She has led the design and implementation of very large programs with track record of delivery (annual budget: $3M-$35M). Her current passion is leveraging Big Data technology to design and develop leading edge business solutions. She has held leadership positions in Fortune 100 companies, such as Chief Architect, SVP of Strategic Architecture, and Director of Enterprise Application and Data Architectures. She is the founder of Gail Z Associates, a company specialized in architecture and program management.

Andrew Zuercher

Entrepreneurial technology leader with extensive experience providing quality services for clients in need of end-to-end mobile and web solutions.


Contact us at [email protected]