John Bobowicz


John is the CTO of, founder and original community manager. As CTO, He is getting more involved within the community and focusing on the technologies of This includes letting the world know about cool technologies and projects on as well as looking for cool and new technologies to join He gets to write more code in this role and tinker with new technologies and that should be fun! John will also be working to get more involvement out of the “Java Industry” and hopefully recruit more companies and industry groups to join and contribute. Turning "community" into the killer app for Java Developers

The killer app for Java Developers is collaboration and provides the ultimate online community for collaborative development. Feature rich with collaboration tools like Wikis, Blogs, CVS, Issue Tracking, Instant Messaging, and more, is a virtual playground for Java developers. With over 130,000 members and 1,800+ projects, if there’s something new or cool going on in Java, it’s happening on Whether it’s Java3D, Project Looking Glass, Real Time Java, or Mustang, you will find it here. Learn how you can be part of these exciting innovations as they happen instead of just reading about them elsewhere.