Ben Hale


Ben Hale is a Interface21 consultant focusing on middle-tier technologies. Prior to joining Interface21, Ben was an architect at a large telecommunications firm where he was responsible for architecting and implementing a performant, scaleable network management platform built upon Spring 2.0.

Spring Framework 2.0: New and Noteworthy

In Spring Framework 2.0: New and Noteworthy, Ben Hale will outline the major new features of Spring 2.0. Attendees will learn how to use Spring 2.0 to greatly simplify the configuration of their applications across the entire stack through use of domain-specific languages and smart defaults. They will see how to make their business services transactional in one line of configuration code. Other highlights include practical examples of creating aspects using AspectJ’s pointcut language, developing stateful business components, implementing beans using dynamic languages such as Groovy and Beanshell, receiving asynchronous messages with JMS, and leveraging Spring’s support for Java 5 language constructs.