Developing Web Applications with Spring, Part II

Skill Level:

This session picks up where part I left off by adding an integration layer to the application.
This integration layer will allow the application to connect to other systems, as well as push messages to clients asynchronously.
Securing the web application will also be addressed, and you’ll learn how to support multiple client types such as Flash (Flex) and .NET.
Attendees will complete the session with a broad understanding of using Spring to solve enterprise integration problems.

Topics covered:
Spring Integration, Spring BlazeDS Integration (Flex), Ajax Polling/Comet, Object-To-XML Mapping (OXM), Common Enterprise Integration Patterns, best-of-breed development tools

Keith Donald

Keith Donald is a principal and founding partner at SpringSource, the company behind Spring and a division of VMware. At SpringSource, Keith is a full-time member of the Spring development team focusing on web application development productivity. He is also the architect behind SpringSource’s state-of-the-art training curriculum, which has provided practical Spring training to over 10,000 students worldwide. Over his career, Keith, an experienced enterprise software developer and mentor, has built business applications for customers spanning a diverse set of industries including banking, network management, information assurance, education, retail, and healthcare. He is particularly skilled at translating business requirements into technical solutions.