From whiteboard to product launch

Skill Level:

There are numerous resources available that cover the topic of software development process and project management. There are numerous resources available that cover tools, frameworks, libraries, containers, application servers, languages, databases and so on. There are numerous resources available that cover software architecture. There are numerous resources that cover software quality assurance and testing. There are numerous resources that cover team structure, organization and work environment.

The truth is, all of these topics have an impact on whether we are ultimately successful in getting the job done. This talk aims to touch all of these topics by providing an honest retrospective into how we developed and bought a brand new product to market.

We will cover the trade-offs, the challenges, the mistakes, the process, the tools, the frameworks, the regrets, the work environment and the team organization. You will learn that there are many choices to be made during the course of a software development project. You will learn about the choices we made – and you will learn that just because the choices worked for us doesn’t necessarily mean they will work for you. The goal is for you to find this useful material – whether you are building a corporate IT system, or if you are building a new software product or service regardless of whether you are developer, a product manager, an architect, a test engineer or a project manager.

Jason Chambers

Jason is a software guy living in Atlanta, GA. He’s been slinging code since the age of 12 and would dearly love to be slinging code until he finally pops his clogs. He’s worked at startups, airlines, telcos and software companies big and small. He’s currently Director of Engineering at Lancope - a fast growing network security company that helps enterprises protect what is important from advanced cyber threats.