GWT Best Practices

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As the complexity of web applications continues to grow, the development tools provided to those creating such apps have remained, to a large extent, stagnant. The difficultly of adding the next “killer” feature while keeping load times reasonable and code size small can drive any Javascript guru to the brink of insanity. Google Web Toolkit provides tools that allow you to maintain your sanity and approach web development in the same manner you would any other large scale project. And much like any other set of tools, there are various ways to approach a project; some more efficient and scalable than others. The goal of “GWT Best Practices” is to take a deeper dive into slick ways to reduce code size, minimize RPC overhead, and streamline application development and testing using the MVP architecture within your GWT app.

Chris Ramsdale

Since starting at Georgia Tech in 1996, Chris Ramsdale has lived and worked in the Atlanta area for the past 13 years. Working in the mobile space with local companies such as Motorola, AppForge, and Air2Web, Chris has held positions as a Software Engineer, Tech Lead, and Product Manager. His current endeavor is working within Google’s Developer Relations team to help educate and advocate Google Web Toolkit.