JSR107: The new Java Caching Standard

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In this session Greg Luck, founder of Ehcache and spec lead for JSR107 will walk you through this important new caching standard, which will form part of Java EE 7. You will learn:

  • Getting started
  • What caching is and when to apply it.
  • Abstract your caching implementation with javax.cache
  • Core API features
  • Optional features and how they are handled by implementers and users
  • Use the new caching annotations
  • Concurrency and consistency
  • Use the API before Java EE 7 is released within the Java SE, Java EE 6, and Spring environments
  • Demo using the Ehcache 3.0 implementation
Greg Luck

Greg founded Ehcache in 2003. He regularly speaks at conferences, writes and codes. He has also founded and maintains the JPam and Spnego open source projects, which are security focused. Prior to joining Terracotta in 2009, Greg was Chief Architect at Wotif.com where he provided technical leadership as the company went from a single product startup to a billion dollar public company with multiple product lines. Before that Greg was a consultant for ThoughtWorks with engagements in the US and Australia in the travel, health care, geospatial, banking and insurance industries. Before doing programming, Greg managed IT. He was CIO at Virgin Blue, Tempo Services, Stamford Hotels and Resorts and Australian Resorts. He is a Chartered Accountant, and spent 7 years with KPMG in small business and insolvency. Greg holds a Bachelor of Commerce and a Masters in Information Technology.