Making Java Bearable with Guava

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The presentation covers the Guava library developed by Google ( Guava provides collection extensions to the Java Collection API and, along with this, a cornucopia of time-saving utilities that bring Java as close as possible to some of the more functional and dynamic language competitors like Scala, Ruby, and Clojure. The presentation focuses on the following topics: how to make Predicates and Functions; how to use new collection constructs that make life easier, including MultiMap, BiMaps, and MultiSets; how to set up and use Guava preconditions; and how to create truly immutable collections, and more. All of this is done with Java.

Daniel Hinojosa

Daniel Hinojosa has been a self-employed developer, teacher and speaker for private business, education, and government since 1999. Daniel also actively teaches programming for the University of New Mexico Continuing Education.

Daniel is a Pomodoro Technique practitioner and is co-founder of the Albuquerque Java User’s Group in Albuquerque, New Mexico. When he’s not supporting other local Java developers, Daniel spends most of his waking hours developing in and around the Java ecosystem, encompassing multiple languages and frameworks. He is author for the upcoming book ‘Testing in Scala’ and is the latest member of the No Fluff Just Stuff tour.