What's new in Spring Integration 2.1

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For a minor release, Spring Integration 2.1 delivers some major features. Channel Adapters are now available for AMQP-based messaging via RabbitMQ. Message Store implementations are now available for a number of NoSQL data stores, including GemFire, MongoDB, and Redis. Other noteworthy additions include JSR-223 scripting support, stored procedure adapters, and a new Content Enricher component. Attend this session to learn about these new features, and don’t worry if you know nothing about Spring Integration yet, we’ll begin with a quick introduction.

Mark Fisher

Mark has been a member of the Spring team for over a decade, contributing to the Spring Framework and several other projects. He founded Spring Integration in 2007 and is one of the authors of Spring Integration in Action, published by Manning in 2012. Currently he co-leads Spring Cloud Data Flow and contributes to other Spring Cloud projects.