HTML5 Components

Track: HTML5 + JavaScript
Skill Level: Intermediate
Room: Ballroom CDF
Time Slot: Mon 2/18, 5:30 PM

HTML5 is still a relatively new technology, but it’s rapidly maturing. One thing that HTML5 is currently missing is a way to easily build components, such as sliders or image viewers, for example, that you can drop into a webpage or web application.

In this talk you will see how to create your own ad-hoc components with today’s technology, and you’ll learn about an initiative underway to define a bona-fide component system for HTML5 so that you can implement your own components.

David Geary

A long-time best-selling author, instructor, and speaker, David is the author of Core HTML5 Canvas, published by Prentice-Hall in 2012 and four best-selling Java books including one of the best-selling Java books of all time, Graphic Java, and the best-selling books on both Java component frameworks: Swing and JavaServer Faces (JSF). David also writes regularly for IBM’s developerworks online where his articles on JSF and HTML5 have collectively drawn nearly one million page views.

David has spoken at hundreds of conferences around the world, including DevNexus, OSCON, Strange Loop, JavaOne, Devoxx, JAOO. David spoke on the highly regarded No Fluff Just Stuff tour for more than six years. He is a three-time JavaOne Rock Star, a designation awarded to the top rated speakers from the JavaOne conference.

In 2011 David founded the HTML5 Denver Meetup, which has become one of the most successful meetup groups in the Rockies with over 800 members.