David Chandler


David Chandler works with the Google Developer Tools Team in Atlanta. An electrical engineer by training, Chandler got hooked on developing database Web applications in the days of NCSA Mosaic and has since written Web applications in a variety of languages, including C, perl, ksh, ColdFusion, Java, JSF, GWT, and now Dart. Prior to joining Google, Chandler worked on Internet banking applications with Intuit and launched a non-profit startup built with GWT and AppEngine. Chandler holds a patent on a method of organizing hierarchical data in a relational database and blogs about Java Web development at http://turbomanage.wordpress.com.

Project stORM: an open source ORM for SQLite on Android

Android’s bundled SQLite database is powerful, but requires a lot of hand-coded SQL to get started. Using an ORM can simplify database development for many applications, and the Android ecosystem already has several to choose from. stORM is a lightweight DAO generator written by Android Developer Advocate David Chandler that aims for a streamlined developer experience (only two annotations required) and solid performance (preferring code generation over reflection). stORM is extensible, minimally intrusive, and offers built-in CSV backup / restore capabilities to facilitate database version upgrades. Along with stORM, Chandler will present basic-http-client, a lightweight Java HTTP client with a built-in asynchronous interface.