Summers Pittman


Summers Pittman is a Senior Software Engineer at Red Hat, Devnexus organizer, AJUG Web Chair, and all around nerd; holds a Masters degree in Human Computer Interaction from GaTech; lives in Atlanta and has for the last 10 years; and knows how to use a semicolon for nested lists in English composition.

At Red Hat he is a contributor to the AeroGear project and can often be found on #aerogear on freenode. He also maintains a blog at as well as various social media presences on all of the requisite sites.

Consuming Rest Services with Android

Android has powerful libraries for interacting with RESTful resources on the web. This presentation covers how you can consume these services using the Aerogear library and best practices for storing, querying, updating, and syncing data. This talk will cover the Content Provider APIs, the Loader APIs, SQLite Database, network management, and battery conservation on the Android platform.

Basic proficiency with the Android environment as well as an intermediate level of understanding about Java programming and networking is assumed.