Brian Mann


Brian Mann is a Ruby on Rails enthusiast and UI engineer. By day he works for as their lead web application developer and at night he produces training material for - a site dedicated to helping developers learn to build web applications using Backbone and Rails.

Brian has worked building web applications for the industrial and financial industries, and has a broad range of operations experience.


Moving logic to the client unlocks unlimited potential, but is a challenging endeavor. In this talk we’ll be covering the use cases for Backbone, and show real world examples. We’ll be covering the tenets of client side MVC development, and what tools and resources you need on the server to make this possible, especially when deploying to production. We’ll also get to see how development with a framework like Backbone changes your applications’ workflow, and we’ll be diving into some of those approaches typical in day to day development.

You should walk away knowing:

  • Backbone’s role, when to use it, and how it works
  • Typical challenges you’ll need to overcome
  • What server side tools are a necessity
  • Where to go from here