Boost Your Data: Hibernate ORM Tips, Tricks, and Performance Techniques

Track: Data + Integration
Skill Level: Intermediate
Room: Ballroom D
Time Slot: Tue 2/25, 1:00 PM
Tags: java , performance , javaee , hibernate , orm
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Out-of-the-box, Hibernate ORM offers limited overhead and decent throughput. Early-stage applications enjoy the convenience of ORM/JPA with great performance. However, scaling your application into an enterprise-level system introduces more demanding needs.

This talk will describe numerous tips and techniques to both increase Hibernate ORM performance, as well as decrease overhead. These include some basic tricks, such as mapping and fetching strategies. More complex considerations, Entity enhancement instrumentation, third-party second level caching, Hibernate Search, and other considerations will also be discussed. The talk will include live demonstrations of each technique and its before-and-after results.

Brett Meyer

Brett owns 3River Development LLC (, providing tech strategy, consulting, and custom solutions for companies and organizations of all sizes. Brett is devoted to open source software and previously enjoyed a career at Red Hat. He is one of the core developers and committers of Hibernate ORM, as well as the former project lead of Artificer. In addition, he contributes new features to Apache Camel, Red Hat JBoss Fuse, Infinispan Data Grid, and other widely used open source frameworks.

Brett has a wide breadth of experience in multiple industries, including careers at Red Hat, Disney, Raytheon, NBC Universal, and regional companies. He has an M.S. (Applied Computer Science) from Purdue University and a B.S. (Computer Science) from Valparaiso University. He also enjoys public speaking on technical topics at both local and national conferences.