Cloud Molecules

Track: Cloud
Skill Level: Intermediate
Room: Room 102
Time Slot: Mon 2/24, 10:30 AM

The term cloud can be nebulous, this session will define and describe the core services that mature cloud service provider is expected to provided, such as scaling, load balancing, search and storage. In addition to comparing the different cloud options OSS options will be discussed and demonstrated. This brief introduction will be informative and necessary for the core of the presentation, which is looking at the building of the cloud and a glimpse into the future of cloud.

Working in a Cloud R&D center has provided an opportunity to understand the lower bits of the Cloud and where technology is going in order to optimized hardware resources and prioritize services. This session will discuss and demonstrate the future of the cloud leveraging lessons learned by Google, Twitter and other industry leaders. We willl the issues and failures of current virtualization technologies and explore the future of the cloud with demonstrations that include Mesos, Docker, Nerve and Synapse.

Ken Sipe

Ken is an international speaker on the subject of software engineering speaking at conferences such as JavaOne, JavaZone, Jax-India, and The Strange Loop. He is a regular speaker with NFJS where he is best known for his architecture and security hacking talks. In 2009, Ken was honored by being awarded the JavaOne Rockstar Award at JavaOne in SF, California and the JavaZone Rockstar Award at JavaZone in Oslo, Norway as the top ranked speaker.