Let's Build a Modern Android Application

Track: Workshop
Skill Level: Intermediate
Room: Room 113
Time Slot: Mon 2/24, 10:30 AM
Tags: mobile , rest , messaging , javaee , openshift , aerogear , android , cloud
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This workshop will walk the developer through setting up and building a modern Android application using the AeroGear libraries to interact with a remote server hosted on OpenShift. Participants will create a application which uses boring things like RESTful APIs and local storage as well more fun technologies like Cloud Messaging, data synchronization, and several Android APIs for making a very nice looking application.

Developers will need to bring laptops running Android Studio and should have a basic familiarity with Android. Much of the UI code will be provided, and developers will work to implement the “fun” bits.

Summers Pittman

Summers Pittman is a Senior Software Engineer at Red Hat, Devnexus organizer, AJUG Web Chair, and all around nerd; holds a Masters degree in Human Computer Interaction from GaTech; lives in Atlanta and has for the last 10 years; and knows how to use a semicolon for nested lists in English composition.

At Red Hat he is a contributor to the AeroGear project and can often be found on #aerogear on freenode. He also maintains a blog at http://blog.sagaoftherealms.net as well as various social media presences on all of the requisite sites.