Thinking about DevOps? Better plan it based on application performance.

Track: Agile + Architecture
Skill Level: Intermediate
Room: Ballroom E
Time Slot: Tue 2/25, 1:00 PM
Tags: performance , devops , it operations , agile
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DevOps is a proven practice for high performing IT organizations. It is the new buzzword in IT but larger enterprises are having mixed if any success. Culture change can be a daunting task especially since most of the focus is around operations. Today its not just about the end user’s experience but also about how quickly the business can deliver new and innovative features to the market. This is hard when the two sides of this delivery model are opposed to each other. Operations wants stability and development wants velocity. With this type of constraint on time and resources the idea of doing right is shadowed by doing it fast. In this talk I would like to share how development and operations can come together using performance as the currency to drive innovation. Performance is the one constant that everyone can use to apply DevOps practices with high adoption results.

Stephen Wilson

Stephen Wilson is a 15 year IT professional that currently is the Directory of Product Specialist. His background includes both development and operations. With a focus on DevOps, he works to educate, promote, and evangelize companies to look at performance as the platform to transform IT. His work includes not only helping deliver better application performance but also helping culture change within IT organizations. This kind of insight into the challenges that both developers face as well as those faced by the operational team allows him to be seen as a trusted advisor.