Achieving more with less – a real-world case study: Accelerating Quality Batch Delivery with Spring Batch

Track: Data + Integration
Skill Level: Beginner
Room: Ballroom D
Time Slot: Tue 2/25, 4:00 PM
Tags: java , javaee , batch processing , spring , spring batch , integration
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You’ve heard about great features Spring Batch offers. You believe it’s the right tool for your legacy batch upgrade. However, you feel you just need a bit more to help convince yourself or your technical/business stake holders to pull the trigger…
In this session, we’ll walk you through a real-world scenario based on a large data processing company. We’ll dive into challenges faced and discuss with you how we leveraged Spring Batch that greatly accelerated delivery, helped maximize our focus on the business problem, while maintaining the batch jobs’ enterprise quality.
This session assumes a basic understanding of batch processing and Spring Batch. Michael Minella’s Spring Batch 101 is recommended if you have no prior exposure to Spring Batch.

Yulin Zhao

Yulin Zhao is an application architect and manager at Daugherty Business Solutions. He has been helping his clients estimate, build and deliver customized solutions for over 14 years (primarily Java-based). He has worked in financial and insurance industry, government agencies, product companies and large hotel chains. Yulin’s passion is to use technology to help clients solve their business problems.