Spring XD: Big Data Integration's perfect solution is at your service.

Track: Workshop (Full Day)
Skill Level: Intermediate
Room: WS Room 102
Time Slot: Tue 3/10, 9:00 AM
Tags: java , spring , enterprise integration patterns , spring integration , big data , spring batch

Whether your project is big data or enterprise integration, Spring XD makes it easy to solve common big data integration problems such as data ingestion and export, real-time analytics, and batch workflow orchestration. In this workshop we will cover stream creation, batch job execution and high availability. You will learn how to create streams to capture live data from various sources (hdfs,tcp, no sql, RDBMS), filter and modify the data as well as capture counts then output this data to various sinks (hdfs,tcp, no sql, RDBMS). Also covered is how to create batch workflow solutions that span traditional use-cases such as moving data between flat files and relational databases as well as Hadoop use-cases.
The best news is that you don’t need to code anything up to get going, no build scripts, no IDE, no maven coordinates. If you are working on a big data, Spring Integration, Spring Batch project this workshop is for you. This is a hands-on workshop so bring your laptop!

Glenn Renfro

As a Pivotal engineer, Glenn Renfro is a core committer for Spring Cloud Task, Spring Batch and Spring Cloud Data Flow. He has 13 years experience in designing, building and delivering enterprise level applications in Java and 20 years total of software development experience.