Raspberry Pi with Java 8

Track: Java
Skill Level: Intermediate
Room: Ballroom B
Time Slot: Wed 3/11, 1:00 PM
Tags: gpio , i2c , 3d printing , java se embedded , mqtt , java 8 , java me embedded , web sockets , raspberry pi
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This session is designed to help you use your Java programming skills to create hobby projects using the Raspberry Pi as an inexpensive (35 euros) interface to the physical world. We will teach the concepts by demonstrating examples with working projects and source code. Some of the topics we will cover include:
* Unboxing your Raspberry Pi and setting up Java
* Electrical circuit design for GPIO
* Using the Java 8 Device Access API
* Programming common I2C devices
* Device communication over HTTP, MQTT, and Web Sockets
* Creating visual and touch UIs
* 3D Printing custom hardware

Coming out of this session you will have the knowledge you need to start building your own embedded projects for your home or office, and can leverage your Java programming skills to connect it to the Internet of Things. Start building the future now with Java 8 Embedded technology!

Stephen Chin

Stephen Chin is the Lead Java Community Manager at the Oracle Technology Network, author of Raspberry Pi with Java, co-author of Pro JavaFX Platform, and JavaOne Community Chair. He has keynoted numerous Java conferences around the world including JavaOne, where he is a 5-time Rock Star Award recipient. Stephen is an avid motorcyclist who has done several Pan-European evangelism tours, interviewing hackers in their natural habitat and posting the videos on http://nighthacking.com/. When he is not traveling, he enjoys teaching kids how to do embedded and robot programming together with his 13 year old daughter.

James Weaver

James Weaver is a Java developer, author, and speaker with a passion for helping Java to be increasingly leveraged in cloud-native and machine learning applications. He is a Java Champion, and a JavaOne Rockstar. James has written books including Inside Java, Beginning J2EE, the Pro JavaFX series, and Java with Raspberry Pi. As an Pivotal Developer Advocate, James speaks internationally at software technology conferences about Java and Cloud Native development. James tweets as @JavaFXpert, blogs at http://JavaFXpert.com and http://CulturedEar.com and may be reached at jweaver [at] pivotal.io