Ionic Framework: The Missing SDK for Hybrid apps

Track: Mobile
Skill Level: Beginner
Room: Ballroom A
Time Slot: Thu 3/12, 10:30 AM
Tags: mobile apps , javascript , angularjs , html5
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For years, developers have tried to find an easier way to create mobile apps; they discovered hybrid mobile apps but soon found out that hybrid wasn’t ready for prime-time. Developers encountered problems with speed, building good-looking UIs, and a plethora of hardware differences that forced them to go back to the land of native development. AngularJS changed the way developers built apps for the web, and now Ionic has changed the way developers build hybrid apps on mobile.

Easy-to-use, beautiful, and ready to perform, Ionic is an open source framework made for hybrid apps. In this talk, see how to use AngularJS and how to supercharge it with Ionic to create an SDK for the web.

Mike Hartington

Mike is a core member of the Ionic team as well as a Developer Advocate. He helps developers, speaks frequently, and blogs about hybrid apps.