Java Persistence API

Track: Java
Skill Level: Beginner
Room: Ballroom B
Time Slot: Thu 3/12, 1:00 PM
Tags: data , jpa , javaee , persistence
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Still not sure about JPA? Or maybe you’ve been using it for a while already. Refreshers are always good to have! We’re all at different skill levels, but this presentation looks to have something for everyone.

Why shouldn’t I always use a List for a collection? Should I use a ManyToMany or a OneToMany? How should I do this dynamic query with the Criteria API? Learn some tips and tricks from the Expert Group Members, implementers and power users. We’ll cover some advanced use cases, some gotchas, and some solutions for success.

Jason Porter

Jason is a software engineer currently working in the Java Enterprise Edition Space, Arquillian, Forge, web site and other developer experience projects within Red Hat. His specialties include Wildfly, Seam, CDI, JSF, Java EE, and Gradle. He has worked with PHP, Ruby, Groovy, XSLT, SASS the rest of the web language arena (HTML, CSS, JS, etc). His current position as Senior Software Engineer at Red Hat has him work primarily on the JBoss website, however, he also contributes to JBoss Forge, Arquillian, Apache DeltaSpike, Awestruct, Asciidoctor and others as time allows. He’s very interested in the developer experience and helping to improve it at all aspects.