Synchronizing State in a Multi-Device World

Track: Cloud + DevOps
Skill Level: Intermediate
Room: Room 106
Time Slot: Thu 3/12, 2:30 PM
Tags: iot , cloud
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Once upon a time, we used one computer at a time. Today is different. We find ourselves in a world where we use many devices simultaneously. As users, we expect all of our data to be available, and up to date on every device. As developers we know this means that we have to brave the complexity of synchronization and concurrency across many platforms.

Modern cloud development platforms provide a solution to this challenge. In this session, Jenny Tong, a Developer Advocate at Firebase, shows you how to use some of these technologies to make your real time, multi-platform development easier.

Jennifer Tong

Jenny is a Developer Advocate on Cloud at Google. In this role she helps developers build cool stuff on all sorts of platforms. Previously she worked in a wide variety of software roles from robotics at NASA, to developer advocacy for Google Glass.

She is passionate about education, especially on the subjects of technology and science. If she’s away from her laptop, she’s probably skating around a roller derby track, or hanging from aerial silk.