Responsive Design using the Zurb Foundation Framework

Track: HTML5
Skill Level: Beginner
Room: Ballroom F
Time Slot: Wed 3/11, 4:00 PM
Tags: responsive design , mobile , ui , css , foundation framework , sass
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I will share a modern workflow using Grunt, Yeoman, and Bower to build a foundation based project using Sass. I will then show responsive design techniques using foundation and Sass. The goal is to provide some common uses of Sass and Foundation to quickly and more efficiently create responsive websites.

Chris Morrow

I’m a Senior UI Developer at Soltech, Inc. I’ve worked in the web development field for over 16 years. I’ve used a number of web technologies including Flash, Flex, JavaScript, jQuery, Knockout JS, Angular JS, NodeJS, and HTML5. Throughout my career I have maintained focus on the UI and the user experience. When I’m not coding I enjoy tennis, a good craft beer, or hanging out with my wonderful wife and two kids.