Spring Integration Java DSL - A Deep Dive

Track: Data, Integration & IoT
Skill Level: Intermediate
Room: Room 104
Time Slot: Wed 3/11, 5:30 PM
Tags: java , spring , dsl , eip , integration
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Spring Integration is becoming an increasingly popular integration framework within the enterprise; it was recently recognized as the most popular such framework (even outscoring other integration solutions such as ESBs) in a recent DZone survey of integration solutions.

The most recent addition to the framework is a fluent Java DSL.

The Spring Integration Java DSL provides a set of convenient Builders and a fluent API to configure Spring Integration message flows from Spring @Configuration classes. The Java DSL for Spring Integration is essentially a facade for Spring Integration. The DSL provides a simple way to embed Spring Integration Message Flows into your application using the fluent Builder pattern together with existing Java and Annotation configurations from Spring Framework and Spring Integration as well. While not requiring Java 8, the use of Java 8 Lambda expressions in the DSL makes for even more succinct configuration.

This session takes a deep dive into using the DSL to define a reasonably complex integration application. While concentrating on the use of Java 8 Lambda expressions we will also cover pre java 8 constructs for those users not yet ready to make the move.

Gary Russell

Gary has been in software engineering, concentrating on Enterprise Integration, for over 30 years on various platforms, and in the Java space since the late ’90s. He has been developing with the Spring Framework since 2004. He has been a committer on the Spring Integration and Spring AMQP projects for over 5 years, and now leads both projects.