Ins and Outs of Sass: Build Front-End Systems

Track: HTML5
Skill Level: Beginner
Room: Ballroom F
Time Slot: Thu 3/12, 4:00 PM
Tags: html , front-end , sass

Front-end web development is at an extremely exciting juncture. A plethora of new tools have emerged over the last years to deal with the ever growing complexity of front-end development in a multi device world.Sass is one piece of the front-end system; a powerful tool that has addressed the short comings of CSS by bringing programming concepts to front-end developers and designers.

In this session we’ll cover the core Sass feature set from a practical, daily use perspective. The goal is to introduce you to Sass concepts so that you leave feeling more comfortable with Sass and walk away with new Sassy insights to take back to your team or solo-practice as well as techniques for improving your front-end development process.


  • Sass data types: variables, maps, and lists
  • Mixins, extends, and functions
  • Control directives
  • File organization: partials, nesting, @import
  • Sass ecosystem: extensions and the community
  • Sass and the Node.js/IO.js ecosystem, including Ruby Sass and Libsass


Learning is best learned by doing. Exercises will be provided for you to follow along,. You don’t need to have Sass running on your machine to participate.

Claudina Sarahe

Claudina Sarahe is an NYC based entrepreneur, front-end architect, organizer, speaker, and teacher. She co-founded and runs SassConf and co-organizes GothamSass which she co-founded in 2012. Claudina has been developing websites for over a decade. She’s worked with notable brands and clients including Daniel Libeskind, PBS, Scholastic, and UNICEF. Claudina currently consults for OddBird and is a part of the 2015 PastryBox project. She’s an avid learner and traveller; loves digging through crates of vinyl and DJs and makes mixtapes under the moniker DJ Afrocat. Keep up with her radical shenanigans at or @itsmisscs..