Improving Acceptance Criteria with ATDD, BDD, Specification By Example

Track: Agile
Skill Level: Intermediate
Room: Room 103
Time Slot: Wed 3/11, 4:00 PM
Tags: specification by example , atdd , cucumber , fitnesse , agile , bdd , gherkin
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Adding examples to your acceptance criteria will improve clarity and reduce misunderstanding. In this session, we’ll discuss a couple ways to approach this. We’ll also have a light introduction to Acceptance Test Driven Development, Behavior Driven Development, Specification By Example, Cucumber, Gherkin, and Fitnesse.

This workshop is geared especially towards Product Owners, Business Analysts, and Testers, but is also of interest to technical team leads and managers.

For some background reading material, here are a couple nice articles from @testobsessed:

Here are the related books I really like:

If you buy the second, you can get a pdf of the 1st for free. Another book I’ve read that is okay, but a bit tool specific for my tastes: ATDD by Example, Markus Gartner.

Andrew Fuqua

Andrew Fuqua began developing software professionally in the mid ’80s using an iterative and incremental approach. After a few years of working in not-so-agile environments, Andrew got iterative and incremental again with a Smalltalk team in ’96, and then began using eXtreme Programming in 1999. For the last few years, Andrew has been involved in agile transformations in larger organizations, which brings us to his current role as an Enterprise Agile Coach with LeadingAgile. Andrew has previously held positions in management, product management and software development at companies like Internet Security Systems, Allure Global, and IBM.

Andrew is the president of the Agile Atlanta user group, which he helped start in 2001, as well as the Atlanta Limited WIP Society. He has also been active in other groups around town. Andrew earned a BS and MS in computer science and has an MBA from Duke University.