Evolving the Netflix API

Track: Cloud + DevOps
Skill Level: Intermediate
Room: Room A315-316
Time Slot: Tue 2/16, 1:00 PM
Tags: java , rest , api , distributed systems , cloud

At Netflix, we provide a Java-based API that supports the content discovery, sign-up, and playback experience on thousands of device types that millions use around the world every day. As our user base and traffic have grown by leaps and bounds, we are continuously evolving this API to enable the best user experience. In this talk, I will give an overview of how and why the Netflix API has evolved to where it is today and where we plan to take it in the future. I will discuss how we make our system resilient against failures using tools such as Hystrix and FIT, while keeping it flexible and nimble enough to support continuous A/B testing.

Katharina Probst

Katharina Probst is an Engineering Manager at Netflix, where she leads the API team and helps bring Netflix streaming to millions of people around the world. Prior to joining Netflix, she was in the cloud computing team at Google, where she saw cloud computing from the provider side. Her interests include scalable, distributed systems, APIs, cloud computing, and building effective and successful teams. She also holds a PhD in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University.