How to Design A Git Workflow for Any Organization

Track: User Experience + Tools
Skill Level: Intermediate
Room: Room A313
Time Slot: Tue 2/16, 4:00 PM
Tags: git

It’s often hard to figure out the best Git workflow for a given team. The one size fits all advice you often find online is wrong, but few people have hands on experience with enough different workflows to provide balanced advice. Over the last few years I’ve worked with hundreds of companies to figure out the right workflows for their needs.

In this session we’ll start from a simple, clean “GitHub Flow” workflow, showing how, where and when you might need to add release tags, release branches, integration branches and/or fork based workflows. We’ll also look at best practices for cleaning up history (when it makes sense to rebase or rebase -i) and pragmatic approaches to decomposing Git repos using subtrees and submodules.

Peter Bell

Peter is the founder and CEO of Scalable, personal training for enterprise software development teams. He is an experienced entrepreneur, technologist, agile coach and CTO specializing in EdTech projects. He wrote “Introducing GitHub” for O’Reilly, created the “Mastering GitHub” course for code school and “Git and GitHub LiveLessons” for Pearson.

He has presented regularly at national and international conferences on ruby, nodejs, NoSQL (especially MongoDB and neo4j), cloud computing, software craftsmanship, java, groovy, javascript, and requirements and estimating. He has been on the program committee for QCon in New York, Code Generation in Cambridge, England and the Domain Specific Modeling workshop at SPLASH (was ooPSLA) and reviewed and shepherded proposals for the BCS SPA conference.