Java Community Insider Secrets!

Track: Java
Skill Level: Beginner
Room: Room A302
Time Slot: Tue 2/16, 4:00 PM
Tags: java , community

You ever wonder how to start your own Java User Group? Maybe how to become a Java Champion or JavaOne Rock Star? Did you ever wonder how you could get published in Java Magazine? Perhaps you were interested to know how join the JCP and sit on an Expert Group. In this presentation you will learn all of the insider secrets on how to become a presence in the worldwide community of 9 million Java developers.

Warning: Community social engagement is highly addictive and can cause one or more of the following symptoms:

  • Difficulty keeping track of your thousands of “followers” and “friends”
  • More “free stuff” than you can store in your garage
  • Humbling run-ins with language designers, JVM gurus, and framework authors
  • Unsolicited, crazy job offers! [e.g. Snorkeling in the Pacific to test your steering algorithm]

Come learn how the Java Community ticks from someone who has gone from Java coder to Java Champion and now is a humble Java Community Servant.

Stephen Chin

Stephen Chin is the Lead Java Community Manager at the Oracle Technology Network, author of Raspberry Pi with Java, co-author of Pro JavaFX Platform, and JavaOne Community Chair. He has keynoted numerous Java conferences around the world including JavaOne, where he is a 5-time Rock Star Award recipient. Stephen is an avid motorcyclist who has done several Pan-European evangelism tours, interviewing hackers in their natural habitat and posting the videos on When he is not traveling, he enjoys teaching kids how to do embedded and robot programming together with his 13 year old daughter.

Heather VanCura

International speaker, leader of Global Adopt-a-JSR program in conjunction with Java User Group leaders, organizer of developer hack days (aka Hackergartens) around the world and Spec Lead of JSR 364, Broadening JCP Membership, through the Java Community Process (JCP) Program. I am passionate about growing Java technology and community building dynamics!