Mind the Gap: Architecting UIs in the Era of Diverse Devices

Track: User Experience + Tools
Skill Level: Beginner
Room: Room A313
Time Slot: Wed 2/17, 2:30 PM
Tags: ui design , architecture

Architecting and developing user interfaces used to be relatively easy, pick a server side framework, define a standard monitor resolution and spend your days dealing with browser quirks. But today, the landscape presents us with a plethora of screen sizes and resolutions covering everything from a phone to a tablet to a TV. How does a team embrace this brave new world knowing that the future will introduce even more volatility to the client space?

This talk will walk you through this brave new world. We’ll discuss the deluge of devices the typical application must deal with today as well as looking at the plethora of client side rendering technologies. This isn’t strictly a front end problem though, we need to reconsider how we’ve built our server side solutions as well; modern applications rely on RESTful web services delivering data to a diverse set of clients. The development landscape has changed, this talk will prepare you to face these challenges.

Nate Schutta

Nathaniel T. Schutta is a senior software engineer focussed on making usable applications. A proponent of polyglot programming, Nate has written two books on Ajax and speaks regularly at various worldwide conferences, No Fluff Just Stuff symposia, universities, and Java user groups. In addition to his day job, Nate is an adjunct professor at the University of Minnesota where he teaches students to embrace dynamic languages. In an effort to rid the world of bad presentations, Nate coauthored the book Presentation Patterns with Neal Ford and Matthew McCullough.