Zero downtime deployments with World Class PaaS

Track: Cloud + DevOps
Skill Level: Intermediate
Room: Room A315-316
Time Slot: Wed 2/17, 4:00 PM
Tags: openshift , cloud , paas

We will see how both Developers and Operations are in a win-win situation with zero downtime deployment models that can be implemented with a World Class PaaS (OpenShift). This will be a demo that introduces a couple of deployment strategies where Operations doesn’t have to bring down their systems during downtime anymore, and no more night outs or weekends.

Veer Muchandi

Veer is a PaaS Architect/Evangelist from Red Hat. Veer enables customer adoption of PaaS, Containers, DevOps and Microservices. He works with both developers and operations folks on bridging the gaps and enabling transformation.