Track: Web
Skill Level: Beginner
Room: Room A402-403
Time Slot: Tue 2/16, 2:30 PM
Tags: internet , html , http

HTTP 1.1, which is the backbone of pretty much everything we’ve been using on the Internet, has been around for over 15 years. Recently the HTTP/2 specification has been completed and gradually application servers will start supporting it. It does make one wonder though, why change if something has been working for so long. In this talk we’ll examine the shortcomings of HTTP 1.1 and how 2 intends to address these. We’ll see what we need to know and how it’s going to effect our existing applications, and future ones.

Hadi Hariri

Developer and creator of many things OSS, his passions includes Web Development and Software Architecture. Has authored a couple of books, a few courses and has been speaking at industry events for nearly 15 years. Currently at JetBrains leading the Developer Advocacy team. Spends as much time as he can writing code.