Scala: Things that make you go h(mmm)

Track: JVM Languages
Skill Level: Intermediate
Room: Room A305
Time Slot: Tue 2/16, 2:30 PM
Tags: scala

Have you begun working in Scala, know the basic syntax and able to manage simple applications? Do you want to learn more about the language and see how to use some of the more interesting features that the language has to offer? We’ll be covering all the topics that will make all your friends jealous. We’ll start with case classes and enhanced pattern matching then dive into implicits, multi-parameter functions, currying and covariance/contravariance. Finally, if we have time we’ll finish up with with streams, macros and continuations, by the end you should be able to take these concepts and impress your friends using these new awesome concepts making your code base even more awesome!

Josh Backfield

Joshua F. Backfield has been a Senior Software Development Engineer at both Dell SecureWorks, Inc., an industry-leading MSSP and SPARC a Government VA Contractor. He has been responsible for creating and maintaining applications in a variety of languages. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Electronic Systems Technologies from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale and a Masters of Science in Computer Science from DePaul University. He has worked in a variety of languages such as C, C++, Perl, Java, Javascript, and Scala, and constantly continues to learn and grow with more languages.