API Management on Kubernetes' managed clouds using Fabric8

Track: Cloud + DevOps
Skill Level: Advanced
Room: Room A315-316
Time Slot: Wed 2/17, 2:30 PM
Tags: api management , kubernetes , microservices , docker , cloud , fabric8

The Fabric8 project delivers PaaS infrastructure that runs on Kubernetes (provided by Red Hat OpenShift 3) and Docker container technology. It helps you to create, deploy and manage a Micro Service Architecture. To manage all these micro services Fabric8 ships with a fully integrated API Manager called ‘Apiman’. Apiman is a central management system that can manage all your APIs and publish them on one or more standalone gateways. Once a microservices endpoint is published to the gateway, requests are routed over the gateway where policies are applied on the way to and from of the service. We will demo these capabilities and show you how to configure and apply policies like Basic Authentication, Rate Limiting, IP White/Black Listing, etc as well as how to set up plans and contracts between service developers and service consumers.

Kurt Stam

Kurt Stam has been working in the enterprise integration space for the two decades. He has designed and implemented integration solutions for high-volume distributed systems in the telecommunication, financial, and travel industries. He is a core middleware developer at Red Hat where he worked on JBossESB, Apache jUDDI, S-RAMP and SOA Governance. Currently he is working on the Fabric8 project. He is passionate about open source and holds a Ph.D. in Computational Mechanics. In his spare time he kayaks along the East coast of the US.