Machine Learning Algorithms Deep Dive

Track: R2D2
Skill Level: Advanced
Tags: machine learning

This talk will go through various common machine learning algorithms and their inner workings. There are no libraries here. This is a very deep dive into the math and processes that underpin the common algorithms we see today. The algorithms we will dive into are Linear Regression, Logistic Regression and Neural Networks. Understanding the inner workings of these algorithms will allow you to squeeze every ounce of performance and accuracy out of them. Be prepared as we will cover very advanced topics such as algorithm vectorization, high order polynomials, one hot encoding and more. This is an ambitious talk for this time line and we may or may not make it through all 3 algorithms.

David Crook

David Crook is a developer evangelist, dedicated team “Mad Scientist” and Machine Learning & IoT Dev Lead. As a developer evangelist, David spends 50% of his time working with the community and 50% of his time developing cutting edge intelligent applications with customers. David has worked on intelligent solutions from brain signal pattern recognition to large scale agricultural nutrient analysis and pipeline monitoring. His favorite type of project is one that has never been done before and deemed “too challenging”. Beyond his work at Microsoft, David is a father, husband, martial artist and entrepreneur.