Azure App Service Overview

Track: R2D2
Skill Level: Beginner
Room: Room A303
Time Slot: Fri 2/24, 4:00 PM
Tags: cloud
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App Service is a cloud platform that enables building powerful web and mobile apps that connect to data anywhere, in the cloud or on-premises. This session will focus on web development featuring App Service technologies such as Web Apps, API Apps, Logic Apps, and more. Web Apps allow for creation and deployment of scalable web apps in many languages including .NET and Node.js. API Apps support quick building and consumption of APIs. Logic apps can connect apps, data, and devices to connectors such as Office 365, Twitter, and Slack. Demos will be provided to show how all of these and more operate or interact with each other and sample some IoT projects that use App Service, plus showcase the convenience of using Visual Studio App Service Tools.

Kristin Ottofy

Kristin is a Technical Evangelist for Microsoft where she uses software development knowledge, technical writing and persuasive presentation skills to inspire students, startups, and developers to build innovative applications using Microsoft’s leading edge technology for a mobile first, cloud first world. She’s a graduate from the University of Georgia where she received a Bachelor’s in Computer Science and Master’s in Mathematics Education. She taught high school Mathematics and Engineering before becoming a full-time developer and speaker. She mostly works on web applications, frequently in the education field, and is a big supporter of open source technology. See her projects at and follow her on twitter @kristinottofy.