Web Accessibility: Making Websites Usable for Everyone

Track: Tools
Skill Level: Beginner
Room: Room A313
Time Slot: Fri 2/24, 1:00 PM
Tags: nvda , css , screen readers , web accessibility , javascript , wcag , html5
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Web Accessibility is for everyone – it means making Websites flexible enough to meet a broad range of preferences, needs and situations. This includes not only individuals with visual, auditory or physical disabilities but anyone with limited Internet connectivity, temporary disabilities (e.g. a broken arm), or changing abilities due to aging.

This session will cover Web Accessibility standards, development, tools and techniques, including:

  • Section 508 and WCAG - these standards will be covered in depth including code samples, compliance checklists and legal implications of non-compliance
  • The four main areas of accessibility: Visual, Audio, Physical and Cognitive
  • The primary tools for testing Web Accessibility: Firefox plugins, compliance tools, and the NVDA Screen Reader
  • A survey of resources and certification organizations for ensuring compliance
Will Jayroe

Will Jayroe is a technologist and futurist who specializes in Solutions Architecture, Front-End Technology, User Experience, Visual Design and Interaction Design.

Will has worked with large and small companies ranging from the Fortune 500 to San Francisco start-ups, including: AutoTrader.com and Kelley Blue Book, IgnitionOne, Macquarium, EarthLink, Perpetual Entertainment, MCI and years of technology and design consulting.

Will is Front-End Technology Manager on the Solutions Architecture team at Travelport (TVPT) - a global, B2B travel commerce platform serving travel providers, travel agencies, corporations and developers.