Building hybrid mobile apps with HTML and JS using ManifoldJS

Track: R2D2
Skill Level: Beginner
Room: Room A303
Time Slot: Fri 2/24, 10:30 AM
Tags: mobile , web , javascript , html5
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ManifoldJS aims to make the life of a mobile developer easier than ever, by utilizing  Web App Manifests,  which allowing websites to declare app-like properties.

VorlonJS is an open source, extensible, platform-agnostic tool for remotely debugging and testing your JavaScript. Powered by node.js and It is easy to set up, works on any platform, and extensible.

When we combine the two, we can create applications at near-native speed which can be deployed in a number of app stores, and utilizing largely one code base. There is no silver bullet for mobile development, but this certain makes the process easier.

Dave Voyles

I am a construction worker turned Technical Evangelist at Microsoft and based out of Philadelphia, PA. My biggest passion is in working with students and startups across the country, to help get their projects off the ground.

My work frequently has me building projects on game consoles, the web, and high performance mobile applications.