Ctrl+Z for Git: How to undo (almost) anything

Track: R2D2
Skill Level: Beginner
Room: Room A303
Time Slot: Fri 2/24, 1:00 PM
Tags: version control , git
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At some point you or someone on your team will make a mistake. It’s a question of when, not if. Luckily, you’re using Git! Now you need to know, how exactly do you undo that snafu?

Tobiah Zarlez will teach you what you need to know from undoing local changes and amending commit messages, to cleaning up your commits and the power of branching with git rebase. More importantly, he will explain the why and how these solutions do what they do, not just list which commands to use in what order.

This talked will be aimed at developers who are getting started with git and/or are only accustomed to using the most basic of commands. Git has a lot of very handy advanced features that many users (often spoiled by overly simple GUI interfaces) are unaware of.

Attendees will take away a better understanding of how git works, and the specific steps they can do to solve their problems or issues that they may come across while working with git in the future.

Tobiah Zarlez

Tobiah is a Game Evangelist at Microsoft and an independent game developer from the San Francisco Bay Area. After graduating college, Tobiah co-founded an independent game startup called “Yobonja” with a couple of friends. Over the course of 4 years, they made dozens of games. Their most popular is a physics based puzzle game called “Blast Monkeys”, which was the number one app on Android for 6+ months. The game was downloaded over 12 million times in the first year alone, and people still play it and its sequel today.

Then in 2013, Tobiah started working for Microsoft. As an Evangelist, his job is to speak to developers and teach them about the latest new technologies. His job lets him travel all over the US and help developers make better games and more successful companies. He has spoken in front of thousands of students and professional developers. From Microsoft events and media, to guest lecturing at various colleges and universities, to speaking at professional developer conferences.

Tobiah still makes games on the side through his second company, “PlayPerro”. His focus now is on creating experimental games and interesting interactive experiences. Most recently, his project “#DanceTogether” was a “Big Game Selection” at the IndieCade 2016 game festival.