Introduction to Microsoft Cognitive Services

Track: R2D2
Skill Level: Intermediate
Room: Room A303
Time Slot: Thu 2/23, 10:30 AM
Tags: machine learning api
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Maybe you’ve seen the video online that allows a blind person to “see” using an AI that can recognize faces and objects. You’d be surprised now how easy it is to use those seeing APIs for your own projects! Microsoft’s Cognitive Services, formerly called Project Oxford, is an evolving portfolio of REST APIs and SDKs enabling developers to easily add intelligent services and leverage the power of natural data understanding and machine learning with Azure cloud. This talk will introduce you to vision and speech APIs that can recognize objects, detect emotions, read text from photographs, and more. We’ll also look at the Bots framework for natural language understanding, and you can get hands on learning how to teach your own conversational bot. Learn how to get started making your own applications that have that personal touch.

Amanda Lange

Amanda Lange is a Technical Evangelist for Microsoft in the Philadelphia area. She is also a part-time video game critic for the web site She is a gamer and rounded developer who is also interested in health, app development, design, Mixed Reality and Virtual Reality, and unique applications for the Internet of Things.