What's New in Android

Track: Mobile
Skill Level: Beginner
Room: Room A402
Time Slot: Fri 2/24, 4:00 PM
Tags: java , mobile , android
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Android N, now known as Nougat, also known as version 7, also known as API 24 was announced last Summer at Google IO 2016. Drop in to hear a rundown of all the new and exciting features that you as a developer can take advantage of in the new Nougat release as well as items you need to prepare for. From the new split window feature to Java 8 feature support, there are some exciting topics to cover. We will also cover the latest in build tools, Android Studio, Jack and Jill, and app compat library updates. This will speak to developers as well as mobile management.

Douglas Knudsen

As a Platform Lead, Douglas brings over fifteen years of building highly visible solutions in the enterprise and consumer spaces spanning financial institutions such as Nasdaq to educational stalwarts like Pearson to technology giants like RIM. Douglas is currently focused at delivering mobile solutions on the Android platform. Douglas’ background in Mathematics fuels his off hours time working with kids and competition math. You can find Douglas speaking at local user groups on technology in the Atlanta area when not tutoring his kids in fun Mathematics and Science topics.