Hands-On with Angular 2 and TypeScript

Skill Level: Intermediate
Tags: angular 2
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The Angular 2 and TypeScript workshop is a full day workshop written and presented by Jeremy Likness. The workshop leverages cross-platform solutions so developers on any of the major (Windows, Linux, and OSX) platforms can take advantage of it. Prior knowledge and experience with web applications and JavaScript is highly recommended to get the most out of the workshop. It is designed to benefit users who have no Angular exposure as well as those familiar with Angular 1.x. Successful installation of the prerequisites is important to complete prior to the workshop to ensure the best possible experience (this will help minimize any potential issues with Wi-Fi availability and bandwidth). Jeremy will walk through using Node.js and the Angular Command Line Interface (CLI) to begin building apps. He’ll cover TypeScript, discuss the Angular project structure, show you how to add third-party libraries, generate components, pipes, services, learn how to integrate routing and demonstrate how Webpack works with Angular to generate streamlined, high-performing apps.

Jeremy Likness

Jeremy Likness (@JeremyLikness) is an experienced entrepreneur and technology executive who has successfully helped ship commercial enterprise software for 20 years. He leads the application development practice at Atlanta-based iVision. He has worked with several initially small companies like Manhattan Associates and AirWatch before they grew large and experienced their transition from good to great while helping direct vision and strategy to embrace changing technology and markets. Jeremy is a prolific author and writer, speaker, and blogger and covers topics ranging from DevOps and Docker to Angular 2 and .NET Core Development. In his spare time Jeremy likes to hike with his family, run a rack of 9-ball, summit 14ers, practice Crossfit and maintains a 100% plant-based diet.