How Do I Get Started in Open Source?

Track: Patterns & Design

Have you had this situation occur, you’ve taken a class or on-line course to advance your career and want to use this new skill, but can’t apply it at where you work.
Or your are trying to get your first job but, get blocked because you have no real world experience with this new skill. There is a way you can get this experience to build that in depth knowledge that can be added to a resume. Contribute to a Open Source Project.

This presentation will discuss and demonstrate the tools and techniques that you will need to contribute to an open source project. As well as what to expect when you start contributing. We will also show you the first steps you can take on selecting what to work on, when you get started.

Roy Clarkson
Glenn Renfro

As a Pivotal engineer, Glenn Renfro is a core committer for Spring Cloud Task, Spring Batch and Spring Cloud Data Flow. He has 14 years experience in designing, building and delivering enterprise level applications in Java and 21 years total of software development experience.