While Visions of Cloud Functions Danced in their Heads

Track: Serverless / FaaS

We will take a deep dive into Google Cloud Platform’s Cloud Functions solution for performing optical character recognition, using the Vision API to extract text from images, create storage buckets in Google Cloud Storage to store text from images and translate it into other languages, using Google Cloud Pub/Sub to listen for upload and translate events.

Whitley Bacon

Whitley is a Customer Engineer for Google Cloud, where she helps Google Cloud customers reach their business goals by enabling them to continuously ramp up on all things Google Cloud Platform. She also spent several years as a software engineer for The Home Depot and Vanguard. She is a proud Notre Dame graduate (Go Irish!) and you can find her checking into local Atlanta spots to boost her Yelp Elite profile, running races all around Atlanta, and spending time with her feisty cocker spaniel-poodle mix, Sophie.