GraphQL and REST: frenemies forever?

Track: Patterns & Design Slides | Code

For the past decade, the REST pattern has dominated the web services scene. In the past couple of years, a new contender has emerged : GraphQL. What is GraphQL? How does it differ from REST? Must we choose between one and the other? Only a proper understanding of both technologies and patterns can help answer these questions.

Yoel Spotts

Yoel Spotts is a software engineer at Experience, based in Atlanta. Holding degrees in Computer Science and Talmudic Law, he has almost 20 years of programming experience. A huge fan of the JVM, Yoel has worked in Java, Groovy and Scala. No stranger to DevNexus or public speaking, Yoel attended the very first DevNexus (back before it was called DevNexus) and has presented several times in the past. When not building great software or trying to avoid category theory, Yoel enjoys hiking and spending time with his family.