Building a Microservices Application with JHipster 4 and Docker in 30 Minutes

Track: Microservices Slides

Is it possible to set up a microservices application with a separate functioning front-end in 30 minutes? With JHipster 4 it is! And what you get is fully functional with a service registry that provides scalability and load balancing. Using provided Docker Compose configurations, the entire stack can be run locally without installing anything but Docker. JHipster also includes full monitoring using the ELK stack.

Dennis Sharpe

Dennis Sharpe is a software architect with over 20 years experience leading, designing, and coding software applications. He has experience in a variety of different industries including healthcare, federal government, loyalty, marketing, utilities, telecommunications, and financial. He has experience speaking at several conferences and events including DevNexus, DevFest and Java User Groups. He also has experience training and providing technical leadership for hackathons and coding dojos.