Multi-platform Enterprise Messaging with RabbitMQ

Track: Patterns & Design Slides

To introduce attendees to the basics of messaging queues, their goals and applications from CFML. Messaging enables software applications to connect and scale. Thus, providing applications to connect to each other as components of a larger application, or to user devices and data. Messaging is asynchronous, and can decouple your software concerns with ease. However, messaging is much more than the traditional publish/subscribe patterns but also the ability to create work queues, routing and much more.

Luis Majano

Luis Majano is a Computer Engineer born in El Salvador and is the president of Ortus Solutions (, a consulting firm specializing in web development, architecture and professional open source support and services. His background includes over 17 years of software development experience, architecture and system design.

He is the creator of the ColdBox MVC Platform, TestBox BDD, ContentBox Modular CMS and many more open source projects. He is an Adobe Community Professional and lives in Texas with his beautiful wife Veronica, baby girl Alexia and baby boy Lucas!