Java in Serverless Land

Track: Serverless / FaaS Slides

Serverless and FaaS are rapidly establishing themselves as fundamental cloud services. It’s a radically simple model for deployment and management of code in the cloud.

As we willingly, happily sacrifice control over infrastructure and deployment, what else have we given up? The basics of FaaS seem pretty straightforward, but I think we need new knowledge, tools and techniques to make our FaaS apps really shine.

Matthew Gilliard

Matthew is a (somewhat) functional programmer who enjoys all kinds of language nerdery as well as whisky.

He currently works on open-source code at Oracle, helping to make Java in the cloud be as good as it can. If not there, you might find him at a local meetup, teaching kids to code, or away from computers hiking and running in Southwest England.

Past lives include OpenStacking, teaching English to highschoolers and a whole lot of Clojure and Java.