High Performance Batch Processing

Track: Performance Slides

One of the benefits of batch processing is it’s efficiency. This efficiency lends itself to the ability to bulk process very large volumes of data. This talk will walk through performance tuning and scaling Spring Batch applications.

Michael Minella

Michael Minella is a software engineer, teacher, speaker, and author with over 16 years of enterprise development experience. He currently works for Pivotal as the project lead for the Spring Batch and Spring Cloud Task projects. Michael has spoken on a number of Java, Spring, and Big Data topics and is a JavaOne Rockstar. Michael was a member of the expert group for JSR-352 (java batch processing). Michael is the author of Pro Spring Batch from Apress and the popular Refcard JUnit and EasyMock.

Outside of the daily grind, Michael enjoys spending time with his family and enjoys woodworking, photography and InfoSec hobbies.